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Τετ 10 Νοε 2004


Καιρός λοιπόν να αναφωνήσωμεν “ALBANIA IS GREEK!”:

“There are few places where Alexander the Great`s influence has not been felt. His vast empire spread from the Atlantic shores of Spain to the plains of India. His example has been admired and followed for generations to come, and his legacy has been deeply felt by the entire world. It is said that Julius Ceasar himself began to weep as he stood under the shadow of a statue of Alexander the Great, for Alexander had conquered half the world by 19, and Ceaser not even made a name for himself by that age.

And how was he Albanian in any way? Well, first of all Alexander was son of Philip II and Olympia. Olympia, was the princess of Epirus, a province in Northern Greece, considered to be modern day Albania, and an ancient territory of Albanian tribes. This relation of Alexander having Albanian blood is considered somewhat feasible and acceptable by the history books, but we want to stretch out the enigma of Alexander.

Initially there is the question of where and to what people Alexander belonged to. It is known that Alexander the Great, was really Alexander of Macedon, and the current flag of Macedonia is the ancient sun flag of Alexander`s army. This seems reasonable, but what really were the "Macedon" people. As stated in the Compton`s Interactive Encyclopedia, "the Slavs, occupied much of the area [Balkans] by the 6th century AD", so it cannot be possible for the now largely Slavic Macedonia to be a descendant from Alexander the Great. Slavic tribes did not come into the region of Northern Greece until well after Alexander`s death, which leaves only one people left, the Albanians. Albanian tribes are the earliest known to occupy northern Greece, and that allows Alexander only one nationality. Alexander did not have Albanian blood, he was an Albanian. To Albanians this fact seems very clear, for we have named our currency lek, after Leka I Madh.

The history books have not named Alexander a Greek, so he can only be one other thing and that is Albanian. The Barbaric war style of the Illyrians was deeply rooted in Alexander`s spirit, which is good reason for his expertise as a general and a conqueror.

More proof of Alexander`s Albanian ancestry would have to be the close relations he had with the King of the llyrians, practically a man of his own kin. There is an ancient legend that the Illyrian king gave Alexander a large, beastly, dog to commemorate his achievements. The beast was so ferocious, Alexander decided to make it hunt bears. The dog showed no interest in this endeavor and lay lazily without moving. This angered Alexander and he had the dog killed. When the king of the Illyrians heard of this he sent him another dog, this time with a message of "not wasting the dog`s time with small things". This time Alexander had the dog fight a lion, which the dog quickly broke the back of, and then an Elephant, who the dog forced off a cliff. The extensive diplomacy between Alexander and the Illyrians only suggests that Alexander was an Albanian himself.

Also, there is the conquered territory of Alexander. When looking at a map of his advances, oddly enough Illirium and Northern Greece is not touched by his armies. Yet, the Illyrian and Northern Greek tribes did not have armies capable of facing the Great Alexander. But Alexander considered them as one, they were all Albanian. Alexander could not possibly conquer his own land. That is why this area remained untouched.

Accepting Alexander`s Albanian ancestry opens a vast world of possibilities. There is of course the long Ptolemy dynasty of Egypt that followed after Alexander`s death, started by one of Alexander`s generals. Accepting Alexander as an Albanian, would mean accepting a big part of Egypt`s history to be determined by an Albanian dynasty, that of Ptolemy.

Alexander`s genius and accomplishments opened a great chapter in the history of Albania. A chapter that has never been forgotten.”

(Από το:http://historyofalbania.00server.com/famousalbanians-Alexander.html)




Μάνα παραμένω ψύχραιμος σου λέω. Άσε με μόνο να τα σιάξω λίγο μέσα μου:

  • Ο Βουκεφάλας ήταν το Zastawa της εποχής του, περήφανο άτι που ροβολούσε στις απόκρημνες βουνοπλαγιές της Αλβανικής μάνας – γης. Κι εγώ παραμένω περήφανος διότι είμαι Greek, παρότι υπάρχω μόλις από το 1830 και μετά, καθότι πριν ήμουν γνωστός μόνο με το παρατσούκλι «Hel(l)enας», κλεμμένο προφανώς από τον τίτλο της αυριανής avantας του Cine.gr.
  • Μένω έκθαμβος από το πρώτο ζήτημα που διευθέτησε on DAY 1 το νέο George W. Administration. Αισθάνομαι δε τυχερός τα μάλα, γιατί ο μαλωμένος με τη γεωγραφία πλανηταρχίδης (χαϊδευτικό του «πλανητάρχης») θα μπορούσε κάλλιστα να αναγνώριζε με το ίδιο όνομα την Τonga και κάπου εκεί θα είχαμε να αντιμετωπίσουμε τον βασιλέα Taufa`ahau Tupou με τα αιμοβόρα στρατά του – άλλους κατευθείαν εξ’ αίματος απογόνους του Αλεξάνδρου του μπερμπάντη.
  • Φοβόμαστάνε (sic) λέει τον chicken Kerry γιατί μπορεί να του τα ψιλοχώσανε οι αλβανοί στην προεκλογική του καμπάνια. Κι ήρθε ξανά ο Bush και μας σφύριξε την αναγνώριση για να ντοπάρει το προ ημερών δημοψήφισμα. Τζάμπα η ντόπα όμως, αφού οι Αλβανοί δεν μάσησαν και έμειναν οι Σλαβαράδες (κατά το «Ελληναράδες») του VMRO με την κάλπη στο χέρι. Ρώτησες Αλβανό στην… ΠΓΔ του Τίτο αν νοιώθει Μακεδόνας; «Μπα,» θα σου πει, « εγώ νοιώθω…Βορειο-ηπειρώτης!»

    Πρόσεξε τώρα γιατί, αφού σε προσεγγίσω έντεχνα με τη μακεδονική φάλαγγα, θα λογχίσω τη σκέψη σου με τη μακεδονική μου σάρισα. Κοντός ψαλμός αλληλούια. Τέλη Νοέμβρη ανοίγει το Alexander του μέγα κινηματογραφικού cin(e)ομώτη Oliver Stone στο U.S. Πάρε το απόσπασμα της synopsis (μακεδονική διάλεκτος) του έργου:

    “…Alexander led his virtually invincible Greek and Macedonian armies through 22,000 miles of sieges and conquests in just eight years, and by the time of his death at the age of 32 had forged an empire unlike any the world had ever seen… “

    “…His extraordinary journey begins when Alexander launches his invasion from Macedonia, first leading his armies to wrest Western Asia from Persian control, then driving his vastly outnumbered troops to an impossible victory over the mighty Persian army itself…”

    (Από το http://alexanderthemovie.warnerbros.com/ )

    Μακεδονία ξακουστή του Αλεξάνδρου η χώρα. Ένα- δύο, εν-δυο. Χριστόδουλε… it’s showtime! Η δεδομένη πολιτική συναστρία, με την πολιτική ηγεσία να μπαίνει στο…. year of the rat (στο κινέζικο) παρακαλάει για διπλή, τριπλή και τετράδιπλη ονομασία. Κάποτε τα Σκόπια παρακαλούσαν για διαλλακτικότητα τον No1 επενδυτή της χώρας τους, την…Ελλάδα δηλαδή για έλεος. Τώρα ο…Stoneρίχνει τη χαριστική βολή. Αναλογιστείτε το εξής απλό: Το Alexander παίζεται από τώρα στα στοιχήματα ως μεγάλο φαβορί για την εφετινή Απονομή των Oscars. Και σε ερωτώ: Αν νικήσει τελικά ο (ιστορικά αήττητος) Αλέξανδρος, ΠΟΙΟΣ θα βγει πρώτος στην πλατεία για τα πανηγύρια; O Σλαβομακεδών, ο Αλβανός ή ο…Greek;

    "We are Macedonians but we are Slav Macedonians. That`s who we are! We have no connection to Alexander the Greek and his Macedonia. The ancient Macedonians no longer exist, they had disappeared from history long time ago. Our ancestors came here in the 5th and 6th century."

    Quote from FYROM`S President Mr. Kiro Gligorov. (from the Toronto Star newspaper, March 15, 1992) (after these comments, there was a terrorist attack on the ex-president of the F.Y.R.O.M. Kiro Gligorov.)

    (Και επειδή ΔΕΝ έχουμε ξεχάσει ακόμη κ. Μητσοτάκη):

    Original flag used by the F.Y.R.O.M. with the use of the Star of Vergina - BANNED by the U.N.Current flag in use by the F.Y.R.O.M.

    Δεν υπάρχουν ακόμη σχόλια. Στείλτε το πρώτο!

    Αυτή τη στιγμή δεν είστε συνδεδεμένος. Συνδεθείτε ή κάντε εγγραφή για να σχολιάσετε.

    Actual currency printed with an immage of the port of Thessaloniki - BANNED by the U.N.Propaganda Stamp - the bottom half of the area is actually Greek.